Play paintball at Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie


Covid Notice

We have 3 fields available and each group with a minimum of 10 players will play on a private field. To read more about our covid measures, click here

The Game

Sneaking through the bush. All's quiet, "Where is everyone?" A twig snaps to your right. You sink slowly to the ground scanning the bush. Nothing but your heart beating, sweat trickling down your spine, eyes and ears straining to pinpoint movement or sound. Bang, zzzzziip. A paintball whips past your shoulder. Dive, roll onto your knees, another paintball splatters against the tree next to your head. Duck!! Laughter to your left. Spin, movement, shoot. Splat!! "Ouch" and your opponent is out of the game. Relief and adrenalin pump through your body as you realise that you have survived your first contact in an Action Paintball Game. LET'S PLAY!

Underage Players

We now run Lasertag for ages 6 and up!

R160.00 per player - minimum of 12 players

Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie 7 days a week

Wynberg Park 7 days a week

Lasertag has both the mental and physical thrill of taking on the 'enemy' in a safe, exciting and environmentally friendly way which can be played at most outdoor as well as indoor venues.